Bicknell's Thrush
June 10, 2014
Special Event Day

June 10 is the Birds and Flowers Tour

The tour will continue up the Auto Road to the Cow Pasture and trail head for the Huntington Ravine Trail. This is a spectacular place to visit the rare plants and exemplary natural communities of the alpine zone. The site contains a wide diversity of low-growing alpine plants, and when the weather is good the views are truly extraordinary. With Appalachian Mountain Club Naturalist Nicky Pizzo we will identify a variety of alpine plants and discuss their adaptations that help them to defy the extreme conditions on Mount Washington. We will also look and listen for the American Pipit. The American Pipit is one of the few birds that nest above treeline on Mount Washington. This bird is found on Mount Washington, Mount Katahdin in Maine and the Chic- chocs and nowhere else east of the Rocky Mountains.

Cost for this special event: $75/person

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